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If you have any questions you’ll probably find your answer here

Got Questions?
We've Got Answers

If you have any questions you’ll probably find your answer here

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Guess what? We’ve got some great news for you! At our fantastic service, you won’t find any sneaky set up fees or mysterious hidden charges lurking in the shadows. We firmly believe in keeping things transparent and straightforward when it comes to pricing. So, here’s the scoop: our starter package comes at a super affordable rate of just £150 per month. And get this – it’s a 12-month contract that guarantees you an amazing experience. To get started, all we need is your trusty credit/debit card for the first month’s payment. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back – our website ensures a secure and hassle-free transaction. So let’s dive in and get the fun started!

Ready to embark on an epic journey with us? Just a single click will unlock a world of possibilities! Click that magical “CHAT WITH US” button, and prepare for some email excitement. We’ll zip a message right back to you, eager to discover the perfect package that suits your needs. And guess what? We won’t stop there. Oh no! We’ll also deliver a shiny sign-up link straight to your inbox, customized just for your desired package. It’s as simple as clicking that link, and voila! Abracadabra! You’ll be whisked away into our amazing realm of awesomeness. Get those clicking fingers ready, my friend! Adventure awaits!

Imagine stepping into the magical land of sign-up pages, where wonders await! Behold, our enchanted form eagerly awaits your arrival, ready to whisk you away on a whimsical journey. This captivating form will guide you through a mystical process of sharing all the glorious details about your business. Picture this: every question and field carefully designed to unveil the secrets that will bring your dream website to life. From the tiniest details to the grandest visions, we’re here to listen and create. So prepare your fingertips, my friend, for an extraordinary adventure of describing and envisioning. Let the magic of web design unfold!

Congratulations on picking your desired package! Get ready for the next steps in this exciting journey. We’re about to unveil the mystical link that leads you to our contract page. But wait, before you dive into the enchanting world of legalities, it’s essential to know that this is more than just a document. It’s a powerful acknowledgment that 150 Sites will work its magic to create a lead-generating website just for you. And of course, as part of this marvelous agreement, you’ll be joyfully paying for this marvel over the next 12 months.

Once you’ve read and signed the contract, a new chapter begins. You’ll be magically transported to the payment screen, where you can set up your scheduled payments for the upcoming year. Imagine the satisfaction as you complete this step and unlock your very own client login page. A gateway to wonders, it grants you access to the sacred sign-up form, where we’ll gather every enchanting detail about your esteemed company.

With your form in hand, the real adventure begins! We’ll embark on the epic quest of building your site, weaving together digital marvels tailored just for you. So hold on tight and get ready to witness the creation of your extraordinary online presence. The magic has begun!

Our onboarding form will ask you for all of your company information. What services you offer, what locations you serve, and unique aspects about your business. Our onboarding form will only take you about 5-6 minutes to fully complete.

Yes! We understand not everyone wants to fill in a contact form if they know what they want. Click Here to go to our Pricing page where you will be able to select which package best fits you. From there you will need to sign our payment contract and fill in your billing information. Once the billing information has been filled out there is a short form that asks for your company’s details. This is what we will use for the development of the website.

Where other web design agencies may leave you hanging for many months before launch, we know the sooner your website is up, the faster you can make sales.

That’s why we get your website live in as little as 30 days (once your onboarding phase is complete). Larger packages and add-on services may extend the length of your project.

We believe pricing should be transparent, without any hidden fees. That’s why our affordable packages start at as little as £150 a month – without any down payment or start-up costs. To get started today, contact us and we’ll help you select the best package for your needs.

You’ll commit to paying a small monthly fee every month for 12 months but you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your site from day one.

After the first 12 months, your website is fully paid for. There are now 2 options available.

Option 1: You can keep your website with 150 sites and your month fee will drop down to £100 per month. This will include our web management package which includes unlimited updates, maintenance, support, hosting, emails, security and solving any problems that occur.

Option 2: You can choose to host, manage and maintain the website yourself, we will package up your website and send it to you for you to look after yourself.

There is no pressure to keep the site with 150 sites but hopefully after the first 12 month you will have seen how focused we are at helping you and your business and choose to stay with us.

Yes! We don’t hold our customers hostage! Once you have paid off the full term of your website contract, the website is all yours. You can then choose to host, manage and maintain the website on your own. Or, leave it with is at a then discounted price for our website management services on a month- to-month basis.

Yes! First off, all of the websites we create are built upon a WordPress foundation for proper optimisaing. We will then implement the appropriate SEO strategies needed for a great start. Our on page SEO will include the use of proper heading tags and optional keyword rich content. We will implement correct URL structures, title tagging and meta descriptions. We will optimise your images by cropping and compressing them and tagging the URL and title with your keywords. We will also create an XML sitemap and index your website to Google. We keep your site top-notch with SSL certificates to keep your site secure and build your website lean for fast loading speeds. All of these implementations are vital for starting your SEO right!

In simple terms, our service covers all the essential elements your business needs for a stellar website. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

First off, we’ll create a visually stunning website designed to attract and convert visitors into customers. We’ll make sure it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate, with custom contact forms tailored specifically for your business.

But that’s not all! Your website will be supercharged for mobile viewing, optimized to look fantastic and load lightning fast on any device. We’ll also secure it with SSL certificates, keeping your data and your visitors’ information safe and sound.

Need to expand your content or start a blog? No worries! We’ll build your site using WordPress, a user-friendly platform that allows you to easily add more content and blog posts whenever you want.

To give you a head start in dominating the online world, we’ll lay the groundwork for on-page SEO. This means setting up your website with the right elements to help search engines understand and rank your site effectively.

And guess what? We’ve got even more features up our sleeve! If you find that you need additional functionality beyond our standard plans, we’re more than happy to create a custom solution just for you.

In a nutshell, our service covers everything from an eye-catching design to mobile optimization, secure hosting, easy content management, and solid SEO foundations. We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive website package that sets you up for success online. Let’s make your digital dreams a reality!

No. We can start creating your website and crafting it’s design concept while we wait for you to supply your written content. We will also give you a content outline to help craft your message for your services or products.

All of our sites are built on a WordPress platform. WordPress powers more of the internet than any other of content management system. Integrating with WordPress means the functionality and design possibilities are endless and we can craft a website that looks exactly they way want it to. This is also beneficial because we can create custom post types for you to easily log in and add more blog pages that we have already set up a design for so all you have to do is simply type and click publish.

We encourage all of our clients to use their own photography because it is more authentic and shows what your company is all about. That being said, our clients often have photos to use but are not the best quality. In this case, we would look to start sourcing some stock photography. We want to make sure your website is using high-quality photography so it can look as best as it can. We can source free stock photos for you, but if you need some specific photos that we cannot find for free, we can start acquiring premium stock photography for you at no extra cost.

Absolutely! We’ve got the scoop on why we charge a monthly fee, and it’s all about making your life easier, lighter, and happier. Let’s break it down in a fun and friendly way!

Picture this: we’ve crafted a subscription program that brings you three incredible benefits. First off, it’s all about affordability. Instead of squeezing your wallet with a hefty upfront payment, we’ve sprinkled some magic and split the cost into 12 monthly payments. It’s like financing your dream website at a fabulous zero percent interest rate. We’re talking cost-savings and flexibility, baby!

Now, onto the second perk: ease of use. With our subscription program, we’ve taken the hassle out of getting started. Say goodbye to those intimidating upfront costs! Whether you’re a small business or a mighty enterprise, our easy payment plan opens the door for everyone to have a world-class website. No stress, just pure simplicity.

Last but not least, peace of mind is our ultimate goal. Imagine a worry-free world where you don’t have to fret about website maintenance or troubleshooting gremlins. That’s right! With our plan, we’ve got your back. We’ll host your site on our server, keep it running smoothly, and tackle any problems that pop up along the way. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the technical stuff.

So, there you have it! Our monthly fee structure brings you affordability, ease of use, and that precious peace of mind. It’s like having your own virtual team of website wizards working their magic while you focus on what you do best. Let’s join forces and create web wonders together!

If you decide to cancel your contract before the completion of the full 12 months, there is a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the remaining balance. Additionally, upon cancellation, your website will be terminated.

Should you choose to cancel the contract and transfer your website to another hosting provider or website management team, please note that the remaining balance of your contract must be settled in full. Once the payment is received, we will gladly package up your website files and facilitate their smooth transfer to you.

We understand that circumstances can change, and we’re here to assist you in whichever direction you choose to go. Please reach out to our team, and we’ll guide you through the cancellation process and ensure a seamless transition if needed.

Once your contract reaches its end, we offer you three exciting options to choose from:

Option 1: Why not embrace a fresh start? Renew your contract with us and receive a brand new design completely free of charge. It’s been two years since we first built your website, and we understand that times change and your brand may have evolved. Take this opportunity to revitalize your online presence with a stunning new design that perfectly reflects your current direction.

Option 2: If you prefer a hassle-free approach, you can automatically transition to our convenient month-to-month maintenance plan for just £100. With this plan, you can experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’ll be actively hosting and maintaining your website. You’ll continue to enjoy unlimited content updates, licensed access to our plugins, and any premium features we’ve specifically created for you, such as review displays or SMS notifications.

Option 3: If you’re ready to take full control of your website’s destiny, we’re happy to package up your website files and hand them over to you. This empowers you to host, manage, and maintain your website independently, allowing for greater flexibility and autonomy moving forward.

The choice is yours, and we’re here to support you no matter which path you decide to take. Let’s embark on the next chapter of your digital journey together!

When it comes to content, we offer you flexibility and options. If you prefer to handle the content creation yourself, that’s absolutely fine. As a business owner, you possess a deep understanding of your services, products, and target audience. Writing a compelling message to reach your preferred clients may come naturally to you, and we encourage you to refine your messaging with your own team.

However, if you’d rather leave the content writing to the professionals, we’re here to assist you. Our talented team can research your industry and craft engaging messages that educate and persuade your prospects to become loyal customers. For our expert content writing services, there is a cost of £150 per page.

It’s important to note that certain pages, such as contact, photo galleries, and reviews, which may not require extensive unique content, do not incur a fee for our content writing services. We’re happy to guide you through the process and ensure your website is filled with captivating content that truly represents your brand. The choice is yours, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!

Great news! Our tech support services come at no extra cost to you. We believe in providing comprehensive assistance as part of your monthly subscription. So, rest assured that whenever you need a helping hand with any technical matters, our support is readily available, all without any additional charges. Your satisfaction and smooth experience are our utmost priority.

Absolutely! We’ve got you covered with our delightful warranty offerings. When you subscribe to our website service, you can rest easy knowing that we take full responsibility for every aspect of your website. In the unlikely event that anything goes awry, fret not! Our dedicated team will swiftly swoop in to fix any issues, completely free of charge. Your peace of mind is our top priority, so leave the worries behind and let us handle the magic of website maintenance for you!

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